Purple Dawn Tarot, Tarot Reader, Raya P Morrison, Toronto

I'm glad to see you here, wanderer!

I'm Raya P. Morrison. I'm a professional Tarot Card Reader with over 10 years of experience based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I love reading cards intuitively, sometimes even making spreads up as I go. The cards should work for you, not the other way around, right? I use 3 decks in my day-to-day right now: Tarot Mucha, Gypsy Tarot and Ced Tarot (although, Ced Tarot is not for the faint of heart, so it's mostly my practice deck).

I am a minimalist in my other life, which means I believe that the things we own should be used. That is why I only have 7 Tarot decks, one Lenormand and 1 playing card deck for divination. Each deck I own has its own symbolism and usually the same card would be interpreted differently in each one. It is up to you, of course, which deck we use!

My fascination with cards began when I was a child through playing a variety of games with my grandpa and learning different types of solitaire from our neighbour. There was always a mystical and calming quality to her and she encouraged me to muse over my questions until the solitaire was complete. At about the same time I got into divination with playing cards and learned a few Russian gypsy techniques.

I have studied Tarot on a continuous basis since 2009, as a solitary practitioner and as a part of Toronto Tarot Circle, lead by Lori Lytle of Inner Goddess Tarot. I have experience working with clients one-on-one, in a group and in a bar/party setting.

What I love about Tarot the most is the ability to help people become more confident and truer to themselves. I view Tarot cards as a tool that can help us, any of us, on our journey through life.

If you have any questions, please shoot me a message or comment on one of my blog posts.

It is a pleasure and an honour to read for you.